At DTI we can make your old wire drawer like new. We offer machine rebuilding services ranging from just capstan re-polishing, to complete tear down and rebuild. We can also take your old hydrostatic or belt drive machine and convert it to a variable frequency drive. This conversion will give you complete dancer arm control with no operator speed setting required. It will also eliminate any maintenance associated with the above-mentioned obsolete drives.

We offer machine remanufacturing services to completely tear down and rebuild your equipment to today’s standards. This includes conversion from mechanical or hydraulic transmissions to energy-efficient AC inverter drives.

• Remanufacturing of any brand of inline wire drawer
• Ground-up rebuild including sandblasting and paint
• Conversion from mechanical or hydraulic to AC inverter drives
• Full automatic speed control
• New electrics and pneumatics components
• Capstans re-cut or replaced
• Speed and horsepower modifications