Rockford, IL – March 25, 2024 – Drawing Technology Inc. (DTI), a premier provider of in-line wire drawing machinery services, proudly announces the appointment of Matt Berg as the new Field Service Manager.

With a robust background in mechanical expertise and a solid foundation in the automotive industry, Matt Berg brings a unique blend of skills and experience to his new role at DTI. His hands-on experience with mechanical systems and his electrical knowledge position him as a versatile leader capable of tackling the complexities of in-line wire drawing machinery.

“Matt’s diverse skill set and proven track record make him an invaluable addition to our team,” said Mark Hawkinson of DTI. “His expertise in mechanical systems, coupled with his proficiency in electrical engineering, aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing comprehensive service solutions to our clients.”

In addition to his mechanical and electrical proficiency, Matt Berg is well-versed in safety standards and regulations for best practices for OSHA and ANSI. His keen understanding of safety protocols ensures that DTI’s field service operations prioritize the well-being of both employees and clients.

“As Field Service Manager, Matt will play a pivotal role in leading our field service team and driving operational excellence,” continued Mark Hawkinson“His management experience, coupled with his leadership qualities, will be instrumental in ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and support.”

Matt Berg’s technology-savvy approach and forward-thinking mindset position him at the forefront of innovation within DTI. With a commitment to leveraging technology to enhance service delivery and streamline operations, Matt is poised to spearhead DTI’s efforts in driving efficiency and exceeding client expectations.

“I am excited to join the DTI team and contribute to the company’s ongoing success,” said Matt Berg. “I am passionate about leveraging my experience and expertise to deliver superior service solutions to our clients and drive positive outcomes for their operations.”

DTI remains dedicated to its mission of providing unparalleled service excellence, safety, and innovation. With Matt Berg leading the charge as Field Service Manager, DTI is well-equipped to continue its legacy of delivering exceptional results and fostering long-term client partnerships.

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Drawing Technology Inc. (DTI) is a leading in-line wire drawing machinery manufacturer. With a commitment to service excellence, safety, and innovation, DTI specializes in maintaining and optimizing wire drawing equipment to ensure the efficiency and longevity of our clients’ operations.

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